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UPC\AC Renewables Australia acknowledges the Warrabinga-Wiradjuri people as the traditional owners of the land on which Birriwa Solar Farm project is proposed.

Birriwa is located about 20 kilometres southwest of Dunedoo in the Mid-Western Regional Council area in the Central West region of NSW. Agriculture is the main industry across the region, including sheep and cattle production and smaller cropping operations. Forestry, mining and tourism also make significant contributions to the regional economy.

Wind and solar generation have recently been identified by energy agencies and Local, State and Federal Governments as potential new industries for the region, helping to power the country, grow rural communities and provide new jobs and economic development.

The project will provide a valuable source of rental income for local landowners, while allowing agricultural production to continue on-site. It will help diversify landholder income and drought proof rural communities.

Our aim is for the project to become a valuable long-term part of the community and local economy for many years to come, helping to maintain the rural fabric of the region and its people.


Sharing in the benefits

As we progress, we will ask members of the local community to work with us to help build a community benefit sharing program to support local projects and initiatives.

We will provide ongoing financial assistance for the program to ensure that there is a direct benefit from the project to the local community. Read about how we are already doing this for our New England Solar Farm project.

Understanding your views

We will be working closely with host landowners, neighbours, the wider community and government agencies to help us gain a detailed understanding of the benefits and impacts associated with the project.

We will also be discussing the project with traditional owners of the land to help us understand, manage and protect any cultural heritage areas or items of significance that may be identified across the project site.

We place a large emphasis on face-to-face engagement and will seek to meet with members of the community in person as much as possible. Where Government-mandated COVID-19 restrictions or management controls limit us in doing this, we will look to provide on-line virtual opportunities to engage.

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